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Rubicon Realty provides a full range of property management services.

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Our Mission

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Rubicon Property Management

We started Rubicon Realty Services because there are not very many property managers seeking out and offering clients every option available to protect their assets, save money and truly enjoy PASSIVE income.

We pride ourselves on our expertise of the market using the most up to date technology while never substituting it for the human to human relationship that is required to successfully manage your investment.

This guide was created to communicate our processes and provide an idea of the value and commitment we bring to protecting possibly your most valuable asset.

Getting Started

From Initial Consultation to Tenant Move-In


Legal Documents We Use

Management Agreement

We cannot by law, market or manage your property until we have a signed property management agreement.

Property Disclosure Statement

This is information required by law to be disclosed to the tenant.

Direct Deposit Authorization

For directly depositing rents minus fees and maintenance quickly and electronically.


This form lets us send you Form 1099 for tax preparations.

Insurance & Tax Authorization

Transaction privilege tax, POA.


Special condo needs for move in, elevator, rules, parking permits, etc.


Services & Fees

Initial Move-In

  • Tenant Placement
  • Screening, background check, employment verification
  • Reference checks
  • Marketing to over 200 websites
  • Coordinate Lease signing, keys, move in inspection with video and pictures
  • Tenant portal, online payments, maintenance reporting
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Monthly Services

  • Rent collection and accounting
  • Tax collection, filing and monthly payment to county or municipality
  • Posting notice if late on payment
  • Beginning of eviction process
  • Maintenance management: dispatching vendors, invoicing, Photo timeline
  • Credit reporting to avoid late or refusal to pay rent
  • HOA violation notification and management
  • Holding, managing and releasing deposits while ensuring compliance
  • Keeping updated and educating owners and tenants with an awareness of any local or national laws applicable and changes thereto.
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Owner, Tenant, & Rubicon Responsibilities

Common Concerns

& Misconceptions

  • Maintenance upcharges: Rubicon does not add fees to vendor invoices. In fact we oversee every job to make sure unnecessary charges are avoided.
  • Late Fees: courts tend to dismiss late charges in AZ, the small amount that is collected is less than our efforts to track down tenants and keep them on track….5 day notice, email, calls, ect.

The Valley Rental Insights

Renters Under 35


67% of all renters are under 35.

Vacancy Rates


In 2009 vacancy rates were at 41%. In 2020 they are at a record low of 6%.

Rise in Valley Rents


Valley rents rose 7.6% year over year in March 2020.

Our Commitment

Communication & Transparency

At Rubicon Realty we are grateful for the technology that provides us the tools to be able to protect and manage our clients most valuable assets efficiently. However in addition to emailed reports and online payments, we believe that maintaining the human to human connection between property managers, owners and tenants is what keeps these relationships providing value for all.

This is why we are always a phone call away for any questions or concerns our clients and tenants may have. We look forward to a long and equitable partnership.